The VFX, Games and Animation Careers Guide 2017

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Why think about joining the creative industries?

  • It’s a career like no other. Blockbuster VFX films have been growing and the demand for artists has risen internationally.
  • The creative industries have contributed £76.9 billion to the UK economy.
  • There are over 2.6 million people employed in the creative industries in the UK with the largest proportion of people working in London and the South East.
  • VFX companies desire artists that have the right skills and potential to grow in their careers to create the dynamic imagery directors require.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) is the next big thing, and is adding to that repertoire of skills to acquire for compositing artists and as the technology matures more 3D content will appear.

Do you have the desire?

“You need to really want this career and be willing to work hard to achieve it. When applying for work, you must apply everywhere; target both big and small studios.”

Taran Spear (Escapee) NUKE artist, Electric Theatre Collective

“Be brave - I was terrified when I started at Escape, but it was a great place to be; relaxed, fun, but also focused on the industry and on gaining employment.

Leo Neelands, Escapee, VFX Supervisor, LipSync Post

Do you have the vision?

2D (Compositing)

One of the exciting parts about being a compositor is that you’re the linchpin that brings all the elements together adding that creative finessing needed to produce the polished final shot, so you’ll need to have a creative flair for composition, design, light and colour to balance all the 2D elements you will be working with.

Ideal roles in Compositing

  • Digital Compositor
Motion Graphics Artist


3D graphic production is a huge umbrella term for many skills within the computer graphics industry; skills are as diverse as painting to writing computer code. In this industry, stories are told and emotions are conveyed through the use of stunning imagery.

Ideal roles in 3D VFX

  • VFX Producer

  • 3D Artist
  • Matte Painter
Technical Director

Games Art

Games Artists create the 2D and 3D visible elements of a game to portray different movements and behaviour to determine how characters, creatures and objects should move in order to bring them to life, so that the animation looks good from every possible angle.

Ideal roles in Games Art

  • Technical Artist
  • Concept Artist
  • GUI Artist
Environment Artist


Animators bring characters and creatures to life, breathing life into them and making them give a performance - just like actors do. Successful animators must be good technicians, to understand all the digital tools available, but they must also be creative, inventive artists who make characters interesting and fun to watch.

Ideal roles in Animation

  • Animation Supervisor
  • Animation Director

Do you have the skill?

  • Completing an Escape Studios short course or degree in VFX, Games or Animation is the first step to getting hired.
  • At Escape Studios, we can make sure you’re equipped with the right skills and materials to kick-start your career.
  • We partner with industry to ensure what we teach is what studios are looking for.
  • You’ll be taught by industry experienced tutors, and our courses are designed to get you job-ready.
  • You’ll also have continued support via our network of mentors, professionals and employers, who will provide feedback on your work to help you develop an outstanding portfolio.